Introducing Shade Studio
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Introducing Shade Studio

Our Biggest Update Yet…

Avais Gilani
Avais Gilani

It’s a milestone we’ve been working tirelessly towards, and it’s finally here – Shade Studio.

Shade Studio is not just an update; it’s the next step in asset management for studios. Shade Studio is designed to make your workflow smoother, more efficient, and more powerful than ever before.

So, What Makes the Shade Studio Update So Special?

Centralized Database Integration: With Shade Studio, collaboration has never been easier. Teams can now seamlessly search one centralized database of all their assets, no matter where those assets are stored, whether it’s on SMB shares, NFS, or S3 storage (more coming soon). Shade Studio brings all your assets together in one place. This means smoother collaborations, faster asset retrieval, and less time wasted searching for that one crucial file.

Lightning-Fast Sorting and Searches: We’ve supercharged Shade Studio to deliver blazing-fast sorting and searches. Finding the assets you need is now quicker and more efficient than ever.

PDF Indexing: Shade’s advanced indexing capabilities now extend to PDFs, ensuring you can effortlessly locate content within your PDF documents.

MSI Support: For Windows users, we’ve added MSI support for a more straightforward, more secure installation process.

HDR Image Support: High Dynamic Range (HDR) was long overdue, and we heard your cries in the comment section. Shade now supports HDR images, so you can manage them just like any other asset.

EXIF Data: Dive deep into your image files with support for EXIF data. Gain insights into your media’s metadata for better organization and editing.

Full BRAW and R3D Support: We understand that professionals demand top-tier format support. Shade Studio now fully supports BRAW and R3D.

3D Settings for Unity, Unreal, and 3ds Max: If you’re in the world of 3D modeling and game development, you’ll appreciate the added 3D settings for Unity, Unreal, and 3ds Max.

Privacy-Centric Design: Every decision we’ve made in developing Shade Studio has privacy in mind. From AI processing to data indexing and search optimization, your data remains secure and under your control.

Okay, Now It’s Your Turn…

We’re actively seeking initial pilots to join us on this exciting journey. Setting up Shade Studio is a breeze, taking just 30 minutes. You’ll be among the first to experience the future of media management. Join us as a Shade Studio test pilot, and together, let’s reshape how media is managed in the age of AI.

To get started, click here to schedule.

Welcome to the new era of creative freedom.

Cheers to the next chapter!

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