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Seriously, never lose an asset again

Shade is a private AI-powered file explorer. Visually search and preview terabytes of files. No file data leaves your computer.

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And we're backed by the best


Also check out Shade's Rotoscoping Tool

A fully local AI-enhanced masking engine that seamlessly converts between spline ↔ mask to achieve next-level results.

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file explorer reinvented

With smarter previews, reverse image, video, audio and 3D search, and integrations for all types of assets,
understanding your asset libraries have never been easier

  • Better Previews
  • Visual Search
  • Audio Samples
  • 3D Objects
  • Materials

We’re integrated with the softwares you care about, and amplify your productivity and creative juice

Powered by Shade Athena

With Shade's AI at the core, assets are visually indexed and searchable

AI That Tags and Describes Your Assets

Our AI has been built from the ground up to understand your content and automate the most frustrating part of asset libraries: metadata. We autotag, autodescribe, and autoindex the assets in your library so you know what you have, and you will never lose what you need.

Instant AI Indexing

Index your assets with just a click of a button. From 3D assets, to footage, to photos, all data is extracted, visualized and searchable.

Integrated with Finder

Use it exactly like your native file explorer - now with AI search superpowers.

10X Your Workflow.

Shade comes packed with a suite of features tailored specifically to your creative routines.


Visually preview and see everything from BRAW to 3D objects.

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Smart Collections

Create smart collections across all your files from filters and autogeneration, including people and scenes.

External Drive Search

Index and search across SD cards & hard
drives, even if they’re not plugged in.

Autotagging & Descriptions

Never lose an asset again with our auto-tagging and description engine that visually looks at your assets.

Stock Search

Search through an evergrowing set of stock searches for SFX, stock footage, textures and materials, and more.

Deblur & Upscale AI

Built-in AI Tools.

Facial Recognition

Easily find the right person for the project.

Mini Shade

Use Mini Shade instantly search through your assets from any from any application - same power and speed, without the app.

Drag and drop into your favorite applications.

⌘ + Shift + K

Generate Concept Art

Generate the ideas that you care about and get the results that you want. Built right into Shade.

Reference Board

Design what you need instantly with Shade's built in reference board.

Open In...

We’re completely integrated with the software you use - the Adobe Suite, Davinci Resolve, Unreal Engine, and more.

File Movement Validation

Protect your archives by verifying data integrity for massive file movements.

Let Shade Automate the Mundane

Your data is your data. Engineered with performance and privacy at the forefront.

Security by default, always

Everything is completely local including all AI, all indexes, and all assets. Your data, your assets. Nothing leaves your computer.

Evergrowing file support

Built to preview professional applications.

Check out our file support →

Perform anything in seconds

Become a power user with our keybinds, get to any folder, find any file. We've optimized for speed.

Search your folders and files fast, anywhere

We've completely upgraded your file and folder search so you can always find what you need

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