The file explorer for creatives

Shade is an AI-powered solution that ensures you never lose another asset again. Visually search by the millions and edit using a powerful suite of tools.


Easily organize and find all of your assets, literally anywhere

We’ve all faced the problem of large download folders, assets scattered with various names, archives that grow to terabytes. It’s time that we do something about all of those assets.


Automatic Visual Previews for All Your Assets

We easily create turntable previews for everything from .mb, to .hip, to .blend, and more.

Autotagging, Captioning, and Metadata

We've built out a powerful AI that understands your assets better than anything else.


Shade can search and manage your content

Digital assets are scattered from cloud to local, from folders to old hard dives, import into shade once, and we’ll have it indexed for you forever

Organize and understand your library

Shade uses AI to index videos, audio files, images, textures, and 3D models, while generating smart previews for all of them.

Label with AI

Autogenerated captions, transcriptions, tags and more

Intelligent organization

Create collections from faces, projects or appearance

Visually search your library

Search all of your assets by apperance or contents


Completely and totally integrated into your workflow

A full suite of metadata, autogenerated tags, collections, captions, and transcriptions enables artists to always find what they’re looking for.

Digital art and concept art

Search your library and tons of stock all in one place. Find the perfect asset for your composition.

Game development and 3D scenes

Rapidly build using your global asset library. Know what you’re adding with turntable previews.

Video editing and marketing

Sort through relevant shots, B-Roll or stock footage without leaving your editor

Sound design and music production

Search your sample library by descriptions. Kick with high end? We got you.


Designed to index and search millions of creative assets

Private and Secure

Built with studio compliance in mind. Run everything on your local network or on a secure cloud.

Set up in 2 Minutes

Rapidly set up and start using. Shade runs in the background without interrupting your workflow


AI tools built into the platform

Pixel-perfect tracks, generative media, and a wealth of information makes editing feel like magic.


And there’s tons of more features and tools we’re adding to your creative toolkit and team

Collaborate Seamlessly, Proxy Everything

No more huge file transfers. Send proxies and sync libraries across devices.

We've built out technology to quickly help you generate proxies, and only send what you need to each other.

Connect to your existing version control

From helix core to custom, we got you. Index everything you work on.

Deploy on your existing infrastructure

Cloud native with no configuration or deploy locally for compliance

Headless, hackable, and modular API

Build results directly into your studio’s pipeline or internal tools. Shade comes with documentation for any language.

Your creativity and productivity unleashed

Shade organizes and makes it possible for you to become the creator you wanted to be. Less management, and more building.


"...Fire in the sky" ( by WON is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"Station Demerzel" ( by wa_rouk is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (

"Futuristic cable car" ( by Nazareno_rojas is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"EMD GP7 Western Pacific 713" ( by Jesper Landin is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"Old Rusty Car" ( by Renafox is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (

"Space Age Radio" ( by Tom Seddon is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (


Starry photos by Guille Pozi, Denis Degioanni and Bartek Garbowicz on Unsplash Ása Steinarsdóttir on Unsplash