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We believe in empowering artists, and making them unstoppable.

The entertainment industry continues to thrive, with a steady stream of movie releases and chart-topping YouTube videos. The gaming sector is also pushing the boundaries, as top-notch studios bring to life the next generation of video games. To all the talented creators out there, we are eager to see the impact of your innovative visions.

At Shade, our focus is on empowering artists and creators. We strive to enhance your workflow, eliminate any obstacles that may stand in your way, and facilitate collaboration and asset creation. Our aim is to provide you with a reliable foundation for your next project, one that will demonstrate your talent and captivate your audience. With our support, you can confidently bring your ideas to life and make a meaningful impact on the creative landscape.

We've been hard at work talking creators, scale-up studios, and enterprise studios alike and are confident that what we're offering is good and rapidly streamlines people's workflows. We're here to support you as you guys continue on your journey and inspiring the future generation.

To Shade and The Future,

Brandon Fan

CEO of Shade