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Shade is the private enterprise asset search solution.

Keep your assets organized and B-roll archives searchable with our on-prem AI. Reverse image and video search, facial recognition, and more.

All your footage, graphics, and assets are completely integrated with Shade
Search and find the footage you need via transcript and dialogue, location,
faces, time, and subject all using AI.

Incredible previews and scrubbing for complex file types

Preview, scrub and search .braw, .r3d, .mts and tons more with playback.

Visually search and label everything

Need to find that logo in every piece of footage? Or how about that one phrase? Need to know who was shot where and what was done. Link all of your data and footage and put it directly into Shade

Never miss a beat. Search Samples and SFX

We all know that music makes a film and a video. Easily use AI to find the sounds and samples you need

Let Shade Automate the Mundane

Your data is your data. Engineered with performance and privacy at the forefront.

Security by default, always

Everything is completely local including all AI, all indexes, and all assets. Your data, your assets. Nothing leaves your computer.

Evergrowing file support

Built to preview professional applications.

Check out our file support →

Perform anything in seconds

Become a power user with our keybinds, get to any folder, find any file. We've optimized for speed.

Search your folders and files fast, anywhere

We've completely upgraded your file and folder search so you can always find what you need