Why Rotoscoping With AI Is Necessary
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Why Rotoscoping With AI Is Necessary

Rotoscoping has long been a necessary but dreaded task. It’s time-consuming and labor-intensive. But what if we told you this could be automated (the right way)?

Avais Gilani
Avais Gilani

How you should be Rotoscoping in 2023

The Rotoscoping Issue:

Rotoscoping has always been an essential part of post-production, whether you’re working on visual effects for a film or fine-tuning in an indie project. The traditional approach to rotoscoping has some significant drawbacks:

  1. Time-Consuming: Manual rotoscoping is incredibly time-consuming. It involves tracing objects frame by frame, which can take hours or even days for complex sequences.
  2. Tedious and Repetitive: Rotoscoping is repetitive and can quickly become monotonous. The chances of errors creeping in are high.
  3. Limited Flexibility: Once rotoscoping is complete, making changes or adjustments is challenging and time-consuming, often requiring you to start from scratch.

Rotoscoping with Shade’s AI:

Shade understands the pain points of traditional rotoscoping, and that’s why we’re making a rotoscoping tool:

  1. Using AI: Shade’s Rotoscoping Feature leverages artificial intelligence to streamline the process. It can easily 10x the speed of creating masks or mattes for objects while still allowing the output to be imported and editable in after effects or nuke.
  2. Object Recognition: Traditional rotoscoping often requires you to manually outline objects in every frame. Shade uses AI to recognize objects in your videos.
  3. Workflow Integration: Shade’s Rotoscoping Tool integrates with your editing and VFX software, so you can work on your rotoscoping wherever you want. Exports and imports are made easy.
  4. Error Reduction: AI-driven precision ensures your rotoscoping is accurate and consistent, saving you valuable time on corrections.

This is exactly what every VFX team has been begging for, and we’re glad you’ve found it. Download Shade so you’re the first to know when it comes out.

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